• Nuclear safety Nuclear safety

    INER had engaged in research including the safety issues about the operation and maintenance of nuclear power plants, the technologies to execute the decommissioning project of research reactors, the decommissioning planning of nuclear power plants, and the technologies...
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  • Nuclear Medicine Nuclear Medicine

    INER has spent more than 40 years on doing R&D of radiation application. Recently, following the development of technologies, cancer radiotherapy and nuclear medicine application have stepped into a new era, such as PET, SPECT combines with MRI, CT and with 3D tomographic technology.…
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  • Solar Energy Solar Energy

    In view of deteriorating global warming and serious air pollution resulted mainly from the use of fossil fuels, renewable energy has become the focus of recent energy development where the solar photovoltaic is one of the most important options...
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  • Wind Power Energy Wind Power Energy

    In the past decade, the R&D in INER has made lots of efforts in developing small wind turbines, such as 400W, 25kW to 150kW. INER holds the only national laboratory specialized in design and integration of the wind turbine system. For advocating domestic techniques, …
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  • Bioethanol Bioethanol

    Aiming to improve human health and environmental sustainability by making full use of green processes and renewable resources, the research team of INER has dedicated to the development of nonfood-based biorefinery technology in recent years….
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  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

    Facing the emission-cutting trend, clean and high efficient energy sources are being earnestly pursued worldwide. Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is a novel power generating technology with high electric conversion efficiency and adoption of versatile carbon-based fuels. From 2003,…
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  • Microgrid System Microgrid System

    Due to the intermittency and uncertainty, high penetration of renewable energy will cause dramatic impact to the operation stability of regional power system. INER has established a hundred-KW scale Microgrid demonstration site and developed related power control technologies, which can be applied...
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  • Plasma Coating Plasma Coating

    INER has accumulated a lot of experiences in plasma technology research and applications over 20 years and has developed energy-saving products and relevant industrialized process systems such as adopting an innovative plasma arc technology to produce high-end energy-saving films...
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Nuclear Safety: We address the key science and technology challenges to maintain and improve safety level, and the competitiveness of decommissioning and waste management technologies. Read More
Radiation Application: We have more than 40 years in the field of radiation application that has been deeply connected with people’s life. Cancer radiotherapy and nuclear medicine application become new main focuses. Read More
New Energy: We have devoted ourselves into the development of technologies in relation to the New Energy field including energy saving, photovoltaic system, SOFC, microgrid, etc. Read More
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